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Apple Surpassed Uncle Sam’s Reservoirs!

The fact is insane but true, Apple today has more money than the American government. 15 years back, Apple was on edge of default but the tables have turned over and today the American government is.

Let’s see if the American government can pull-through as ‘quickly’ as Apple did, pray hard folks! According to the stats after Apple’s third quarter report, the company has $75.876 billion in its reservoirs while the U.S government has a total of $73.768 billion for running its entire operating balance. Incredible!

Can Steve Jobs buy or bail the U.S out? No, that’s not the case. The American GDP is around $14 trillion! That $73.768 B is just how much the U.S. has to spare before she reaches the debt limit. However, the fact that Apple has such a massive amount of money is still astonishing. Apple could buy numerous companies that the U.S. government could not.

Apple’s current value is $362 billion, the second most expensive public company in the world, with just $35 billion behind Exxon. Exxon Mobil is worth $395 billion. However, Apple is expected to bridge the difference, rather than surpass Exxon this fall, which is not impossible, since Apple’s going to launch its next-gen products soon.

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Photo Courtesy of Max
Photo Courtesy of Sco