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Be Different With The Binatone ReadMe

If you’ve always wanted to stray from the pack, and avoid the likes of the iPad and the Kindle, read this. Electronics manufacturer Binatone, is offering a unique take on the eReader device.

It’s a seven inch Android eReader, and rocks an 800 x 400 pixel display with a QWERTY keyboard located below the screen. While it isn’t a touch screen device, you can navigate with the supplied trackpad to the right of the keyboard.

This gadget runs on Android 2.1 Eclair, which may turn off a number of individuals but will still attract those looking for a basic model. Like all Android gadgets, it comes with your standard web browser, e-mail client, and media player, and is said to last six hours on a single charge.

It’s currently being sold for 129 pounds in the UK, and while we don’t see how this fares competitively against the Kindle and other affordable tablets, it’s always interesting to hear about those ‘not-so-popular’ products that hardly get a chance in the spotlight. Check out the video below of the Binatone Homesurf and see how this eReader fares against the Homesurf model.

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Photo Courtesy of techiser
Photo Courtesy of pcdude