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NFC Hack For The iPhone 4

NFC is the newest way to pay for your stuff by allowing you to make transactions using your NFC equipped device. This feature is widely integrated in new Android devices but unfortunately, iPhone 4 doesn’t come pre-equipped with this technology.

Lack of a NFC chip hinders iPhone users from enjoying the blessings of near field communications and sometimes it becomes rather annoying for i-users when they see someone using an NFC equipped Android to make their payment (or so we assume). But as long as there is technology, there will always be those looking for ways to make the most out of it. Hopefully, making payments through your iPhone 4 are no more a problem.

iPhone 4 has a glass back enclosure which allows NFC chips to communicate with credit card terminals. So, if your bank offers you credit cards which has small NFC chip embedded, then you are good to go. If you remove the back cover of the iPhone4, you’ll notice that there is enough space to accommodate a small NFC chip.

So, now you only need to remove iPhone’s back cover, place your credit card above the battery compartment and place the cover back. Wow, you have just made your iPhone a working credit card. Doing this does not cause any harm to the device, however it may void the warranty. So do it at your own risk and let us know how it goes @techmento.

Photo Courtesy of jp
Photo Courtesy of sigal