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Foxconn Will Replace Workers With 1 Million Robots

Foxconn is a Chinese based company and the biggest manufacturer of products of some notable companies such as Nokia, Apple and Sony. Foxconn recently got ripped from an iPad 3 manufacturing contract. Moreover the company had been suffering with some serious problems concerning mostly the labor.

The serious problems with labor were suicides of some of the workers because of low wages, protests against the company and an explosion in the factory. Consequently, Foxcon has now decided to replace manual labor with automated machine robots.

Foxconn is expected to replace an unspecified amount of workers with about one million robots during next three years. The company already has ten thousand robots and will introduce about 290000 next year and so on until they reach one million figure.

This would probably also help Foxconn maintain its good reputation in the market which seems to have been affected badly by recent problems. Robots obviously can handle delicate tasks like assembling, spraying and wielding more appropriately but this step in really going to hurt the mass amount of workers who will lose their jobs.

Robotized work force will also enhance the quality of products being manufactured. But the problem here is that Foxconn has employed nearly 1.2 million people. So if they do so, this step will adversely affect the employment in China. So Foxconn really needs to think along this axis as well, though I don’t think they care too much about people losing their jobs.

Photo Courtesy of gadgets
Photo Courtesy of tito