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Gamestop To Sell Digital Game Copies

The digital download method is quiet convenient for those who don’t have access to a game store for buying original games. There are many online stores working at the moment which sell digital copies of the games for download. Some of these services are Steam, Amazon and Direct2Drive.

Now, Gamestop is also going to follow their footsteps. Gamestop has stores all around US from where one can buy a game in disc form. But now Gamestop is launching a new service which will provide the facility of downloading games.

Gamestop is launching this service after the acquisition of Impulse Inc. Gamestop has formed Impulse’s digital distribution platform after EA decided to sell digital game copies via their own distribution system called Origin. This service is kicking off with distribution of Deus Ex:Human Revolution. Those who preorder the game at Gamestop will also receive a DLC pack “explosive mission” for free. Also they will get digital copies of Deus Ex:Invisible War and Deus Ex:Human Revolution along with bonus contents and an entry to Sweepstakes competition.

Impulse allows publishers to include achievements, friends lists, chat options, cloud storage and multiplayer groups within their games, similarly to Steam. For downloading games, the user will need to download the Impulse client, like Steam, which will then allow access to game content.

This is another good platform for downloading games and will certainly give users access to a variety of online game content.

Photo Courtesy of jrkester
Photo Courtesy of psblog