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Itunes Extends Song Preview To 90 Seconds

Apple’s iTunes store is the one of the biggest providers of music content for PCs and i-Devices. To facilitate the consumer, Apple has upgraded their system of song preview.

iTunes previously allowed a user to preview the tune for about 30 seconds before the user actually bought that tune. Other such service providers such as Amazon also allowed a preview of 30 seconds but looks like Apple has decided to go a step ahead of Amazon.

Apple has extended the preview limit of any tune to 90 seconds instead of 30. Now you can preview a song for one and a half minutes to see if it matches your taste. But, there is one limitation. The audio must be at least two and half minutes long otherwise one can preview it only for 30 seconds.

This feature is now available worldwide. The service was first brought to US iTunes store only because Apple was busy setting deals with record labels in other countries.

According to 9to5mac it is confirmed that Apple has extended this service to at least France, Australia, UK, Switzerland, Newzealand, Canada , Luxembourg and Japan.

Music lovers must be happy on this news as a 30s preview usually didn’t give a clear idea about the audio track. But you will always have the others who think $1 per track is way too expensive. I’ll leave now before I begin ranting about Spotify.

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