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Meet The World’s Thinnest Tablet: EKing T9

Computer firm, Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology has just announced a new tablet, dubbed the EKing T9 and the company claims that the device is the world’s thinnest tablet PC.

The EKing T9 features a gorgeous 9.7″ IPS capacitive touchscreen display, an Intel Z670 processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 2GB of memory, and has both rear and front facing cameras.

But while you might think the major selling point of this new tablet is its form factor or dual-core CPU, you might want to think again. I think the main selling point of this bad boy is its customizability.

The tablet is compatible with five operating systems (Windows 7, Android, Meego, Ubuntu, and the upcoming Windows 8). the press shots look pretty slick, but there is no mention on pricing or a release date, so sit tight folks.

What do you guys think? If released in your country, would you get it, or would you rather stick to the name-brands of Acer, Samsung, or Sony? Drop us a couple comments on our Facebook Fan Page or send us a tweet @techmento. Have a great day!

Photo Courtesy of techiser
Photo Courtesy of techiser