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Microsoft To Pay $70 M To Alcatel In Patent Ruling

The patent war is not new is US. Almost everyone is suing someone else for some goddamn reason. The patent war between Alcatel-Lucent and Microsoft is also not new. There had been a number of clashes between the two companies ever since 2002 when Alcatel sued Gateway and Dell and Microsoft jumped in to help the two companies.

According to a recent federal ruling, Microsoft is bound to pay $70 million to Alcatel-Lucent by the order of a San Diego federal judge for the patent infringement which was originally filed by engineers at AT&T in 2003. The patent dealt with data entry on computer screen without using a keyboard.

A trial held earlier found Microsoft guilty of patent violation in their products such as Windows mobile and Microsoft Outlook and were instructed to pay $500 million in damages. However, Microsoft appealed in the court and damages were recalculated.

As a result, a recent ruling left Microsoft with $70 million to pay. According to Luke Dauchot, Alcatel’s lawyer, “the company is pleased with the decision”.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president and deputy general counsel of litigation, David Howard, explained the ruling as follows:

“Today’s verdict reflects a positive trend in the law of patent damages stemming from the Federal Circuit’s earlier opinion in this and other cases. However, we continue to maintain that current law requires a genuine apportionment of damages when the infringement is directed to a small feature of a feature-rich product, and we are reviewing the verdict in that light and considering next steps.”
Photo Courtesy of leonardo
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