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Nokia Tablet Concept, By Gregory Pizzato

Gregory Pizzatto, the man behind the Nokia BlackBerry concept, once again came up with an innovative concept. However, it is the tablet with the Nokia branding that he designed this time.

The Nokia tablet features a 10 inch screen and a 3D camera. The specific model is available in two colors, the black piano finish and a silver one.

The only real guess is what kind of operating system would be used on the new Nokia concept. The speakers implanted on the back side look bizarre, as if they were copied from some dummy and pasted there on the original.

The tablet has a 3D camera at the back side and it depends on a dual photo/video sensor, which is going to be the prime vending point of the tablet.

The slate has a segment with a virtual keyboard, which can be attached or detached from the slate; the keyboard looks genuine and appealing.

Finally, the concept is quite seductive but, will the real product be close to this concept? Will the customers prefer it since it requires 3D glasses for the 3D view? Let’s wait and watch how it turns out be…

What do you predict about the Nokia Tablet conpect, let us know at facebook.com/techmento and tweet us at @techmento.

Photo Courtesy of coroflot.com
Photo Courtesy of coroflot.com