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Rumor: PlayStation Vita Will Be Arriving On October 28

The release date of Sony’s PlayStation Vita has been leaked by a Blockbuster flyer and according to the claims; the Vita (both 3G and non-3G version) will be ready for release on October 28.

The Japanese tech giant, Sony already has stated that they will release the PlayStation Vita this year. However, the unanswered questions were: where and when? Although the Vita is highly expected to be first launched in Japan (since Japan is the hardware manufacturer’s country of origin), the Vita’s birth may have another twist of fate.

There are other rumors are about the United States, Europe and even a single day worldwide launch. The latest hint directs towards Europe, thanks to the leaked release date list for Blockbuster in the UK.

The flyer mentions October 28 as the initiation date for the Wi-Fi and 3G+Wi-Fi versions of the Vita. The validity of the released document has not yet been confirmed by Blockbuster or any official comment from Sony, themselves.

There is a probability that the document is old or fake because some of the release dates don’t match up with reality. For instance, Uncharted 3 is listed for a November 4 release, though the game actually hits the UK and Europe on November 2. Same goes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a November 8 release listed on the flyer as November 11.

Judging from the given information, I’d advise the Vita fans not to look forward to October 28 release, although the Vita is releasing this year anyway. I’d would love to know your views about the Vita at facebook.com/techmento or you can also tweet us at @techmento.

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Photo Courtesy of Jfin