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Twitter Ramps Up Security; Merges With Brainloop

In some social news, Twitter is teaming up with Brainloop, to better safeguard peoples information on the social platform and helping ensure that confidential documents, stay confidential.

What the German company, Brainloop offers, is a way to help companies keep their docs safe from hackers, and more importantly- from top secret information getting leaked all over the web.

After many major companies were destroyed by hackers, I have to applaud Twitter’s decision in this move. Twitter seems like one of those few companies who care enough to take preventative measures against any potential attacks.

Some of the features Twitter will be enjoying from the partnership will include: user access controls, two-factor authentication via SMS PINs, 256-bit encryption, and integration with Microsoft and Adobe Rights Management to prevent unauthorized forwarding, printing, and saving of documents.

While the media may not be too thrilled that Twitter is ramping up its security, I am proud of the social media giant for taking the initiative to better protect itself, and hope other companies quickly do the same.

It’s time to put an end to playing in the hands of bored hackers sitting in their parents’ basements. Check out the ad to learn more about Brainloop.

Photo Courtesy of laughingsquid
Photo Courtesy of danillo