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X-Ray Camera Captures 4.5 Million Frames Per Second

Researchers at the Science and Technology Facilities Council in the United Kingdom have created an X-Ray camera that lets you see 3D images of real individual molecules. The camera can capture images at 4.5 million frames per second.

To put some perspective on that number, the human eye perceives the real world at around 30-45 frames per second. The camera functions by using a superconducting accelerator that produces X-ray flashes a billion times brighter than normal cameras.

While I can only imagine the amount of radiation produced by these cameras, under the proper circumstances, this technology could be very useful for capturing the atomic structure of viruses and certain bacteria, hence, it may lead to some scientific breakthroughs.

The camera is being specially developed for use at the European XFEL (X-Ray Free-Electron Laser) facility and will be functional by next year.

While this technology certainly won’t be available to the general public, it may offer some perspective on ways we can increase the frame rate and resolution of our current video cameras, preferably, without the use of X-Rays.

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Photo Courtesy of quapan
Photo Courtesy of pablo