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2012 Mobile Devices Will See Quad Core Nvidia Chips

Currently on the mobile market, we are seeing smartphones and tablets teeter between single and dual cores, and while all this is powerful enough for the types of applications we use today, we need to continue to push ourselves if technology is ever to evolve.

I think the applications that will be most intensive on processors will be gaming and perhaps HD movie watching at a better resolution that phones and tablets are currently rocking at the moment.

Nvidia first demoed its Tegra 3 “Kal-el” chips back in February, but it looks like we won’t be seeing these chips roll out on Android devices till Fall of this year (which is soon approaching), and that means it will take at least till the second quarter of 2012 before we start seeing some gadgets that are powered by these processors.

I think the primary responsibility is starting to shift towards app developers and those working the software end, to produce more demanding applications that will utilize all this extra processing power.

If they don’t, you can analogize it to driving lamborghini at the 15MPH speed limit to the post office- it’s kind of pointless to have all that horsepower. Send us a tweet @techmento and tell us which future phone or tablet you have your eyes on!

Photo Courtesy of refract
Photo Courtesy of stanford