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800Mbps WLAN Coming Soon

Recently Networking Companies and Service Providers have been working on the usage of LED lights to give a speed up to 100 Mbps.

Recently Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI in Berlin, Germany has been pushing this technology to achieve a WLAN speed of 800Mbps.

The idea behind achieving WLAN speed of 100 Mbps with LED lights is that the LED light is made to flicker at a speed so fast that it cannot be witnessed by a human eye.

A photo diode receives this wireless connectivity and gives the speed of 100 Mbps to the device it is connected with. Each LED light provides connectivity in a range of 90 square ft.

This speed can be pushed to 800Mbps by using 4 LED lights instead of 1 LED light. The 4 LED lights (RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE) are made to flicker sequentially which results in the massive WLAN speed.

Klaus-Dieter Langer, a team member said, “Using red-blue-green-white light LEDs, we were able to transmit 800 Mbit/s in the lab. It is best suited as an additional option for data transfer where radio transmission networks are not desired or not possible – without needing new cables or equipment in the house.”

Photo Courtesy of Niels
Photo Courtesy of Geeky-Gadgets