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Android Dominates Mobile OS Market

The OS war between different mobile operating system vendors is not new. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, RIM are some of the major contenders.

However, a study that was conducted recently states that Google dominates this pool of contenders with its Android OS. A research firm named Canalys recently carried out this survey which indicated that almost half of the world’s smartphones run Android while there is a major gap between iOS and Android. About 48 percent of the OS market belongs to Android while mere 19 percent is owned by iOS.

However, Apple’s iOS dominates Nokia’s Symbian platform. iOS’s iPhone exclusivity and Android’s availability on products of many of the top smartphone vendors like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony might explain the gap between Android and iOS popularity.

Regional stats indicate that Asia Pacific is the region where Android is most widely used with 85% of South Korea’s smartphones and 71% of Taiwan’s smartphone industry running Android. 56 Countries were taken as a subject of survey and out of these 56, Android dominates in 35 of them.

The survey also unveiled an astonishing fact that Microsoft’s Windows OS for mobile accounts for only 1% of the shares of global smartphone industry. Although Asian market has a large gap between Android and iOS platforms, this gap is very narrow in US market.

Android has 39% of US marketplace while Apple follows closely behind with 28 percent of market share. Also worthy of note is RIM’s Blackberry platform which occupies most of the global market after Android and iOS.

Photo Courtesy of marco
Photo Courtesy of saad