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BF3 To Feature Online Pass System

Looks like developers are getting more and more greedy with their games. Usually, developers get nothing from the sale of pre-used game copies.

Therefore EA introduced this system which blocks some of the features of the pre used game, for instance, the multiplayer feature. Hence, second hand buyers have access to the limited content only and if s/he needs to access full features of the game, s/he needs to pay some extra money to get a code from the publisher which unlocks these features.

It looks like EA’s upcoming Battlefield 3 will also feature the same trick. DICE is rumored to have confirmed that BF3 will be featuring some kind of pass system but details are not clear yet. BF3’s executive producer Patrick Bach tried to provide a solid reason for the decision by saying,” The developer has to pay for servers and also account creation for a new user is rather a hefty process and we don’t get anything from the sale of pre used games. Therefore to cover the cost of servers and everything we have to do this. To us it’s compensation, It’s not to punish people.”

On the contrary, Activision, the publisher of Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t seem to like adding the online pass system to their new games.

A lot of people are already in a dilemma of choosing between the two games. This decision of DICE may provoke them to opt for Modern Warfare 3 instead of Battlefield 3.
Have a look at the BF3 trailer and share your views.

Photo Courtesy of ocio
Photo Courtesy of shady

  • Jpitts210

    How will an online pass, that only buyers of the game used need, force ppl to switch from purchasing BF3 new to MW3 new? Oh wait, it won’t.

    This doesn’t apply at all for those buying either game brand new…..

  • zew

    yeah but if someone wants to buy the game used from someone they dont get as cheap as they thought since they have to buy a online pass, So inturn the original buyer cant get as much back for it if he does decide to get rid of it.

  • Sam

    And if your hard drive is wiped for whatever reason, you’ll have to buy another pass?

  • Arthur

    server space? awful reason, the person who sells his used game is -1 already on the server.

  • Tribal_boot

    where can i bu an online pass?