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HTML5 Media Editor By Adobe

Almost 99 percent of computers have Adobe Flash installed in them. Most websites and application requires you to have the latest version of flash which include streaming video websites, online gaming websites and many more.

Adobe has released a preview version of a new media editor known as Adobe Edge. It is designed for assembling the dynamic Web contents using HTML5 and open Web standards.

Normally, Web designers used Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight to add animations and interactive content to their web pages, such as splash screen, short videos, animations, floating buttons, interactive charts and banner advertisements.

Devin Fernandez, Adobe Group Product Manager said,“This is a motion and interactive tool for designers who want to build interactive Web content using Web standards. More workloads that were previously reserved for Flash are now being done with Web standards. We see that as a huge opportunity for the company, to help people take advantage of HTML5.”

The Adobe Edge uses HTML5, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript, which allows developers to directly place animated Flash content on their web page. This is similar to the Adobe’s Flash authoring tool approach. It also allows a developer to change the properties of an image or an HTML content over a set length of time, which adds an animated look to the web page.

Photo Courtesy of Gustavo
Photo Courtesy of Steven