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Kingston Launches HyperX SandForce SSD

For the users who prefer to use high performing SSDs on their devices, Kingston has just released it’s recent HyperX SandForce SSD which is worth checking out.

Kingston announced the release of HyperX Sandforce a couple of months ago and now it is ready for shipping. The SSDs feature an extraordinary read and write speed.

These SSDs feature 120GB and 240GB storage capacities. They are capable of up to 555MB/s of sequential read speed and 510MB/s sequential write speed. The read performance of these SSDs is 95,000 IOPS and write performance is up to 70,000 IOPS.

The controllers used in these SSDs are Intel 25nm NAND and SandForce SF-2281 controller which is commonly found in many SSD drives. You can purchase a single SSD or you can get them by purchasing the devices which already have installed the SSD. The price of 120GB SSD is $269.99 and $519.99 for the 240GB.

Krystian Jaroszynski, product marketing manager for Flash at Kingston Technology Europe said, “The HyperX SSD matches up the SandForce controller with premium Intel 25nm Compute NAND (P/E 5K) and has undergone extended rigorous testing and qualifications, the same standard that Kingston applies to all of its products, in order to bring a stable and high performing product to market.”

Photo Courtesy of Anandtech
Photo Courtesy of eye