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Salt Water Powered Car

In this era the rapid rate of population growth is resulting in more and more traffic and vehicles on the roads. Which eventually causes pollution and an unfriendly environment.

Not only the population is the problem, but the rising prices of oil is causing problems for drivers. To control population and oil prices would be a bigger challenge, but can pollution be controlled?

Meet the new Salt Water Powered Car. It is the cheapest, smallest and very fast cell powered car kit which operates using salt water. It is powered by a fuel cell (electrochemical cell) which converts energy from a fuel to electrical energy. Fuel cells can operate as long as the reactant and oxidant are provided to it.

In this cell, the magnesium acts as anode and the porous carbon sheet acts as the cathode. The electrolyte is the salt water. This type of battery is known as air-depolarizing battery.

The salt water dissolves magnesium to form hydrogen which is attracted towards the cathode. Thus, forming flow of electrons. The speed of the car depends on the percentage of salt in the water. 20% to 99% salt is sufficient for this cell.

Photo Courtesy of RealityPod
Photo Courtesy of Theron