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Samsung Acquires MRAM Startup, Grandis

MRAM is one of those rarer computer memory types that is expected to one day, replace FLASH memory, and Samsung is one step closer to becoming a pioneer in MRAM technology. Why? The company has just acquired Grandis, an MRAM startup.

Grandis was founded in Milpitas, California and has raised $15 million in venture capital since its birth in 2002. If you haven’t heard about MRAM yet, it stands for Magnetic Random Access Memory and has been claimed by a number of individuals to be an excellent alternative to fast and nonvolatile memory (doesn’t lose data when you cut the cord).

I have to applaud Samsung for investing in ‘different’ technologies for a number of reasons. Mind you, MRAM has been around for a while, but hasn’t exactly caught on, yet. The first reason would obviously be for Samsung to remain competitive and current in technology, even if that means reinventing memory types, and the second reason (and probably more important too) is that many consumers want the latest tech, even if it does not provide much added enjoyment or performance.

Likewise, computer enthusiasts like myself are always looking to ‘future-proof’ our desktop computers, and one of the advantages of buying the latest hardware is that you don’t have to worry about an upgrade for a while.

Since it’s trendy to adopt new technologies, I can’t find anything wrong with this acquisition and wish Samsung the very best in its research while perfecting MRAM, or possibly even creating some sort of hybrid memory.

Photo Courtesy of aaronage
Photo Courtesy of luis