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US Shares Spectrum With Mexico And Canada’s Borders

Spectrum sharing helps maintain the wireless network and keep it in a good state by shifting the excess users to the shared spectrum. Couple this with the fact that the US government is quite eager to provide 4G facilities near border areas, and you’ve got yourself a partnership with neighboring countries.

To achieve this goal, The Federal Communications Commission made a deal with Mexico and Canada for sharing certain wireless band spectrums. The FCC has not disclosed many details regarding the deal. However, the deal with the Canadian industry involves the sharing of commercial spectrum in 700 megahertz and 800 MHz bands.

While Mexico is expected to share the 700 MHz band only, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski stated, “These arrangements will unleash investments and benefit consumers near the borders by enabling the rollout of 4G wireless broadband service and advanced systems for critical public safety and emergency response communications.”

This deal is expected to benefit the Border residents of all three countries. Also, Verizon and AT&T both use 700 MHz bands for providing 4G LTE services. So, very soon, these services might become available to border residents as well.

Photo Courtesy of tumkur
Photo Courtesy of gioser