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Sony Buys Sucker Punch Studios

Sony is way ahead of others in the gaming industry, having some of the best game developer studios at its back.

Naughty Dog, an exclusive entity of Sony is responsible for the biggest gaming franchise in PS3’s history, the UNCHARTED series. Sucker Punch is another game studio which launched another hit franchise for PS3, the Infamous series. Sucker Punch studio which was founded by some former Microsoft employees in 1977 worked for sometime as an independent studio.

But later on it decided to work exclusively for Sony and has been creating game titles for Sony since 2002. It is behind two of the biggest hits, Sly Cooper and Infamous. Although the studio worked exclusively for Sony, it was never a subsidiary of Sony. But now, Sony has bought this studio. The financial conditions of the deal are not disclosed.

This situation is quiet beneficial for Sucker Punch as this acquisition guarantees larger development budgets and security for its employees. Also, Sony won’t have to worry about studio developing games for its rivals anymore. Currently, we can’t tell if this deal will affect any of the games which are currently in development.

As i see this is a win win situation for both Sony and Sucker Punch where Sony will be able to offer more fun content to its audience and Sucker Punch will have a strong hand over its head.

Photo Courtesy of darren
Photo Courtesy of pain