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Trojan: Android System Messenger Records All Your Calls

Researchers at CA Technologies have recently uncovered a new Android Trojan that records both incoming and outgoing calls, and the user never even knows whats happening. The app claims to be a useful package, and is dubbed Android System Messenger (sounds important, right?).

The program runs quietly in the background while the user goes about their normal routine, and as we have mentioned, records the audio from all incoming and outgoing conversations in a compressed AMR format.

These compressed files are then uploaded to a remote server when the individual(s) can listen in on your conversations.

I guess, the good thing about this trojan is that it requests the user to grant it ‘phone calls’ permission, which you’d be surprised how many unsuspecting phone users would do just that.

Either way, be sure to watch out for this bad boy. When I am looking for apps in the marketplace, I usually download apps that have a large number of reviews and those apps that are highly rated.

Reach out to us @techmento on Twitter if you know anyone that was hit hard by this trojan. We’d love to hear from you!

Photo Courtesy of communityCA
Photo Courtesy of osde