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WIMM Wearable Computer Platform

WIMM Labs have unveiled the specifications and details of their new WIMM Wearable Computer Platform. The device looks very interesting. The device resembles the iPod nano featuring WiFi and Bluetooth. It runs on an Android version for displaying messages and notifications.

The device is compatible with the Android phones and can display messages and alerts from your phone to a small display of it’s own. It is basically a platform for developers to build applications. Developers can make their own applications for this wearable computer.

This device features a touch screen interface. You can create a variety of Android based Micro Applications using and open SDK and then load them on the WIMM Module. In addition to Android phones, it can also work with Blackberry and iOS devices.

It can be fitted in several different casings. You can wear the device any way you want it. In addition to displaying messages from you smartphone, it also features exercise monitoring, reminders and many more features.

WIMM Labs is also working on making this device for social networking by adding facebook, twitter and other social applications.

Photo Courtesy of Geeky-Gadget
Photo Courtesy of TechCrunch