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Chrome 13 Features Instant Pages & Print Preview

With surveys declaring IE users dumb and of low IQ, Chrome is definitely making news as the fastest and lightest web browser ever made. I don’t doubt Chrome’s speed and portability; however, calling IE users “low IQ” is a little rude. Isn’t it?

Apart from these stories what we are talking about is search giant Google’s newer version of their self proclaimed world’s fastest browser, Google Chrome.

Recently, Google released the newer version of Chrome, Chrome 13. Chrome 13 comes packed with some top notch features which will render it even faster and lighter on hardware. It comes with some brand new features as “Print Preview” and “Instant Pages”.

Print preview is a technology which allows you to preview the content before it gets printed. The print preview is available for previewing both black, white and colored pages. Instant Pages is the feature which was first introduced by Google back in June.

Google employee, Amit Singhal stated that regarding instant pages in a blog post, “The good news is that we’ve been working for years to develop our relevance technology, and we can fairly accurately predict when to pre render”.

“Instant Pages” helps you improve your browsing speed by pre rendering the top searched pages. So when you click on a page, because its preloaded, it’ll open in flash of an eye. Pretty cool!! These features will surely help power users out there.

Photo Courtesy of erio
Photo Courtesy of kaushik