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Facebook Buys iPad Book Publisher

Looks like the social networking giant Facebook is now making a leap in to e-book industry. Push Pop Press is a renowned iPad e-book publisher known for re-mastering and publishing content such as Al Gore’s “Our Choice”.

The publisher had been working on some other titles for touch devices lately. According to latest reports Facebook has procured Push Pop Press. We can’t tell what exactly Facebook is going to do with the acquisition but one thing is clear that Facebook is definitely not going to publish e-books.

Consequently, other titles on which the publisher was working on, have been put to a halt since Facebook has bought the publishing company. Although Facebook has not stated its clear cut purpose of buying the company but as far as i think the basic technology behind Push Pop Press will be integrated in to Facebook. Also the technology will be incorporated in certain mobile applications of Facebook.

In this way, a lot of people who interact with each other through Facebook and share their stories will have access to a larger system of sharing ideas.

Mike Matas, Co- founder of Push Pop Press says, “We’re taking our publishing technology and everything we’ve learned and are setting off to help design the world’s largest book, Facebook.”

Photo Courtesy of tikaro
Photo Courtesy of pshab