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DEAL: HP TouchPad Is Available For $50 Less

In the current run in the dominating tablet industry, it is really hard to keep up. I reckon HP has realized this fact pretty quickly.

HP recently released its HP touchpad, a tablet computer which featured HP’s WebOS 3.0 operating system. Unfortunately, contrary to what HP had hoped, the device had not been able to garner a lot of success because of its competitors such as the iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom.

Therefore, HP has decided to lower the price of the gadget to boost up its sales. The touchpad will now be available for $50 less than its original price which was previously $499 for 16 GB version and $599 for 32 GB version. The 16 GB version will now be available for $449 and 32 GB for $549 after an instant rebate of $50.

HP is offering the tablet with reduced price only until September. HP has also released a newer version of their WebOS which features a number of bug fixes and improvements. The newer version will also improve the performance of many applications such as speeding up event creation in calendar and less audio skipping whilst multitasking.

Obviously HP has lowered the price to enhance the sales of the device but let’s see if the lower price and a newer OS version boosts up the sales according to HP’s expectations.

Photo Courtesy of HP
Photo Courtesy of HP