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iTunes Introduces Replay Movie Feature

Recently, Apple introduced a new service which would allow users to stream TV shows which they had already purchased on their Apple TV. It was rumored that Apple would launch a music streaming service with iCloud and iTunes, but the latest reports suggest that Apple is now working on a new movie streaming service called iTunes Replay.

According to the experts at App Advice Apple, the company is soon to launch a new movie streaming service on iTunes which will allow users to re-stream the movies which they had already purchased and will also provide the facility to re-download them.

Although Apple has not announced the launch date of this service, it is expected that the company will be launching this service pretty soon within the next few weeks along with the iCloud service. Both of these services will be available to i-users in September.

Now, you’ll be able to watch your movies as many times as you want. So, whenever you are bored, you can re-stream the movie from your device and enjoy the journey. This service will also help iOS in the competition against Android especially when Android is way ahead of iOS in providing such services.

Photo Courtesy of iam
Photo Courtesy of atasi