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Judge Rules Facebook Trolling = Identity Theft

A boy by the name of Rolando received an unsolicited text message with a victim’s e-mail password. He used the password to gain access to the victim’s Facebook account and then began trolling, or in other words, he started posted sexually inappropriate messages from the victim’s account.

Trolling is a form of online bullying, and it varies greatly amongst trolls. Some are malicious with the intent of putting tremendous psychological stress upon others while other trolls mainly do it for the kicks at little expense to others well being.

However, Rolando was found by a California judge to be guilty of identity theft- assuming someone else’s identity, even if it did not involve monetary theft (a crime we usually find fits perfectly with identity theft).

While teenagers usually do not think too much before they act, it goes to show you, how important it is to explain to your children how important it is not to do harm to others or if you are a teen yourself, to control your actions better.

Sure, it may seem like all ‘fun and games’, but when you’re facing a jury, you’ll find yourself in deep regret for your actions. On an ethical note, imagine if someone hi-jacked your social media account and posted inappropriate information about you so all your classmates could see?

Photo Courtesy of jakob
Photo Courtesy of ideagirl