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Remote Ringer Helps You Find Your Misplaced Phone

By providing a vast number of useful applications, developers are keen to add more and more useful applications to the up-growing portfolio of the Android platform.

What do you do in the unfortunate event of misplacing your phone? If you are in a habit of placing your phone somewhere and then forgetting about it, then we have an app for you. For some of you, most of the time, your phone is on silent mode and hence it becomes rather annoying when you find yourself helpless with the phone ringer.

A new app called RemoteRinger comes to your rescue in such a situation. RemoteRinger helps you activate your phone’s ringer even when you don’t have access to it. This app, which launched this week enables you to send a special code to the phone together with a designated caller number through an SMS from the designated number to re-enable the ringer.

Upon receiving this message, the phone will switch the ringer on, no matter what state the phone is currently in. Hence when you call your phone number, you won’t have to face the disappointment and the ringer will reveal your phone’s location. It’s simple. Isn’t it? The app is available for free download.

Photo Courtesy of beatto
Photo Courtesy of leo