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Is Sony Playstation 3D Monitor Landing In December?

All of you PS3 fans out there! There’s another attraction coming for you this December. At E3 2011, Sony, along with announcing PlayStation Vita, also announced a 3D LED display for PlayStation 3.

However, Sony didn’t announce the release date of this new monitor for PS3. The LED monitor is quite impressive, featuring a 24″ 3D display and will support 1080p resolution. It means that players will be able to enjoy their games in true HD. Also, the monitor will deliver 3D video.

Another cool feature which Sony introduced in the monitor is that if you are playing a game in co-op mode, the monitor will deliver 3D graphics to both players. For this purpose both of the players will have to wear 3D glasses. Aww, how cute.

Now, it looks like this gigantic 3D monitor is about to hit the markets in December. Although the December launch is not confirmed officially by Sony, Amazon has shown a launch date of 31st of December.

This release date can not be credited as 100% correct since nothing from Sony has been declared about the launch up till now. However, we are inclined to believe it as most of us would have thought that Sony would push it for Christmas time. Now we’ll have to wait for Sony’s official statement about its release.

Photo Courtesy of geoff
Photo Courtesy of beer