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Twitter Redevelops The Web Page For iPad

Looks like to many social networking websites, iPad is a thing they sure have to adapt to. With a brand name like Apple, it’s no wonder they get all the street cred.

Although there had been applications for using both Twitter and Facebook on the iPad, neither of these social networking behemoths were satisfied with their performance. Therefore, Facebook started Project Spartan, an effort to develop a separate HTML5 based Facebook page for the iPad.

Twitter also started a similar task. So far, Facebook hasn’t given any final news about the release, but Twitter has in fact released their “customized for iPad” web page. The page is more like a hybrid of the desktop site and Twitter app for iPad.

This launch will certainly favor those who want to access their Twitter account via the iPad browser instead of opening a separate app every time they want to check their account. The new web page features a dual column design much like the desktop version of the site which makes it more fun.

Since iPad has a much larger display, it should be taken advantage of, as Twitter and Facebook are doing. Now we should wait for Google to release a Google+ web page optimized for iPad, but that may take a while. Twitter’s release of the new web page before Facebook suggests that they are enthusiastic about taking on Facebook in the competition.

Photo Courtesy of imjust
Photo Courtesy of crafts