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Leyden Energy Building Long Life Battery

With the increasing specifications and applications, cell phones now-a-days need more power to operate than they did before. Although the chip performance is doubling every 18 months, as described by Moore’s Law, no one seems that concerned about the battery improvement.

Leyden Energy hopes to produce new batteries with a longer lifetime. They are working on a new battery chemistry that will allow batteries to operate 25 percent longer with a single charge and can be used for 3 years. While the other batteries fade out after an year.

Leyden intends to make these new batteries by replacing the electrolytes in the current Lithium-ion batteries. This new idea has captured the attention of many.

A $20 million Series B investment has been made. Other companies who invested include Lightspeed Ventures, Sigma Partners and Walden Capital. To produce electric vehicle batteries, the company also has around $3 million in grants from the California Energy Commission.

NEA partner Ron Bernal who has been tracking the performance of Leyden Energy for about 18 months says, “A year ago when they were out, they hadn’t quite delivered everything. With what they’ve shown and delivered, it’s pretty compelling.”

Photo Courtesy of Simon
Photo Courtesy of Paulina