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Microsoft And Google Tweet Wars

Our tech giants Google and Microsoft has taken the patent war to next level and Twitter is the new war zone. Recently, Microsoft, along with Apple and Oracle collectively bought some 6,000 patents from Nortel inc.

In the mean time, Google bought around 1,000 patents from IBM. Microsoft, Apple and Oracle in a group known as CPTN paid $3.5 billion more than the predicted price for buying the patents. The whole mess started with a Blog Post by Google in which Microsoft was accused of starting a hostile, organized campaign against Android by buying Nortel patents.

Microsoft replied to the allegations stating that Google was invited to join the bid for patents but they declined the offer. Microsoft posted a screenshot of mail from Kent Walker, Google’s general counsel in which the company chose not to join the bid.

The email which was sent in October 2010 reads, “After talking with people here, it sounds as though for various reasons a joint bid wouldn’t be advisable for us on this one”. This might be a clear indication of another patent war between Google and Microsoft.

Whether either of the companies sues the other or not, Microsoft has very much succeeded in denouncing Google.

Photo courtesy of yang
Photo courteys of iweath

  • KyleRay

    That’s a lousy conclusion, since Google has now Motorola. A deal that totally trumps whatever they would have gotten in Nextel patents. That related more to Telecom industry in general and could not have been used to protect Google from MS or Apple. Who are also newbies in the phone industry and to either of them Moto’s patents would have been far better than what either of them got from Nextel. Most of which are either failed patents, about to expire, or relate to what a carrier would like, but all the carriers are much better friends with Google than they are with AT&T or Apple!

    Oh and on top of that, Motorola has the set top box division and all of Moto’s other hard assets thrown in on the deal. Twice the total hard asset value as what they paid for a total of $25 Billion Dollars Worth!!! šŸ˜€ Ā …….another great reason to toss all theĀ bouncing ballĀ bogus “Market Cap” share holder fantasy’s value in the trashcan when actually buying a company! Like CrApple’s!!!