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Playstation Vita Can Serve As PS3 Remote

Sony’s next generation PlayStation portable, aka PlayStation Vita is already making a huge buzz regarding its rich hardware and cool features. The device is expected to reach stores in October.

We have already been hearing a lot about the device’s feature to synchronize content with PlayStation 3. But according to latest reports, the device can possibly serve as a PS3 remote control.

Sony Europe’s research and development manager, Phil Rogers states that Playstation Vita could possibly serve as a controller for PlayStation 3. According to Euro-gamer, Roger told the attendees of Develop conference that PlayStation Vita’s hardware is capable enough to handle PS3’s games and that its multi-touch screen, gyroscope, game-pad controls and back touch pad can all be used to produce a rich gaming experience.

Roger further stated that wireless pairing could be used to pair it with PS3 instead of utilizing USB connectivity. Also Vita’s hardware is capable of handling PS3 games, hence, developers can utilize this plus point in developing software which could keep the games synced on both the devices, consequently one can play supported PS3 games on PlayStation Vita as well.

Roger further stated, “You can run software on both devices and use the network to sync the game state and that’s pretty good, because you then have the processing power of PS3 doing that work, Vita supplying fancy graphics – however you want to do it. You’re not sacrificing the PS3′s CPU to be able to have a rich experience on Vita”. I am eager to see what fascinations Vita brings with it when its launched. Are you?

Photo Courtesy of scuderia
Photo Courtesy of playstation