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Smarphone Projector Made Possible Using Tiny Lens

Projector has become a necessity for businessmen and industrialists in order to present their latest product or service to their customers. The Pico Projector offered a lot of ease because it could be carried easily because of it’s small size and light weight.

But no one ever thought or heard of a smartphone being used as a projector. Alps Electrical has made this possible by building a very tiny FLG3 series lens with the dimensions of 1mm x 1mm x 0.9mm making it one of the most tiny glass lenses ever built.

The earlier models of lenses featured a coupling efficiency at 68 percent. While this lens features an improved efficiency at 73 percent.

The main function of the lens is to transmit data at a very high speed in fibre-optic networks. But Alps hopes to make the lens capable of projecting by optimizing the way in which light travels through the lens.

This could give the smartphone developers an opportunity to introduce a built-in projector in the smartphones.

Alps is uncertain about the resolution of the projection displayed by this lens and are also tackling the problem of introducing powerful LEDs in small devices in order to use this lens for projection.

Photo Courtesy of Humuku
Photo Courtesy of Geeky-Gadgets