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Tesla Model S Electric Car Steps In Beta Production Stage

Earlier this year, Tesla reported to only have the prototype of their latest Tesla Model S all-electric vehicle. They hope their new Tesla Model S electric vehicle will be capturing the attention of many people.

Tesla Model S has stepped in the Beta production stage. It is a big car which has the capacity to seat 4 adults. It has a price tag of $49,900 (base price) which is cheaper than the previous Tesla Roadster.

This vehicle features an ultra-light Lithium-Ion battery which can be fully charged in just 45 minutes. It is driven by a liquid-cooled motor which not only increases power but also gives a high speed over a prolonged period of time as compared to the air cooled motor.

It features an impressive range of 300 miles which is longer than the range provided by any electric vehicle. The previous Tesla Roadster only had a range of 200 miles and had a cost of $100,000.

With longer range, less price and an impressive battery charge time of 45 minutes, this seems to be a pretty nice choice for those seeking an electric vehicle which would take them from one city to another without worrying to recharge in the middle of their journey.

Photo Courtesy of Ubergizmo
Photo Courtesy of Etienne

  • Lindley1991

    check your facts and be careful of your phrasing it has three battery options the one for the price you quote is the 160 mile one i believe and it is 45 minutes to 80% charge on i think the 300 mile on an express charge not a regular charge it is still a great vehicle and hopefully the charging stations to support electric cars will be more mature when it comes out perhaps with solar powered charging stations at more locations and that price you quoted is after a tax incentive