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Vonage Launching iPhone App “Time To Call”

Vonage has just announced to launch a new calling application known as Time To Call which will compete Skype and other rivals.

Time to Call is an iPhone Application which allows users to call any number in around 100 countries for the duration of 15 minutes, just for a dollar or two. While for other 90 countries, under 10 dollars are charged for 15 minutes.

The money for every call is deducted from a user’s iTunes account as an in-app purchase. The application operates over 3G in U.S. and Canada, while in other countries it operates over Wi-Fi.

Marc Lefar, CEO of Vonage said, “It will be the absolute easiest way to buy and make international calls. Skype, the biggest name that is also in this space, came at it from a PC-to-PC space. We’re meeting in the middle at mobile. That’s where the battle will be fought over the next couple of years.”

Vonage plans to launch this application simultaneously across 80 countries. Time to Call will be available and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

Since the traffic has increased at Skype and the call quality is not the same as before, many people would prefer to switch to this new application in hope of better calls. Please comment.

Photo Courtesy of Sam
Photo Courtesy of Intel