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Is 16GB HP TouchPad A Failed Tablet?

Hewlett-Packard launched it’s new HP TouchPad tablet recently in July. The price of the TouchPad initially was $499. But, what has caused this Tablet to land at Woot with just a price of $379 ???

We have been noticing continuous drop in price of HP TouchPad since it’s launch. Last weekend, HP dropped the price abruptly to $400 only. This is not over yet, now we can find an HP TouchPad on Woot for only $379. which is 120 dollars less than the launch price of this tablet.

Woot is a website for purchasing gadgets and devices. But normally, gadgets that were a failure or weren’t accepted by the people or had some faults in them, end up at Woot. You can even get a $99 smartphone from Woot.

One might think what caused this tablet to fail. Not only HP, but many other companies like acer have also failed to manufacture a worth buying tablet. This might be the result of the recent tablet race, that everyone took part in, to compete the iPad.

In doing so, they might not have focused on the performance and quality of tablet. Everyone just wanted to launch their tablet before others. But people learn from mistakes. Let’s see what HP has to offer us in the future. Please comment.

Photo Courtesy of Marc
Photo Courtesy of Chad