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Chrome OS Has Been Hacked, What Now?

After Google has stated time and time again how secure its Chrome operating system was, we’ve just got wind that the operating system has been hacked. Now, before you start freakin’ out, don’t worry, it wasn’t some 14 year old.

The hackers were actually two researchers from the Black Hat security conference with White Hat security and they got through the ScratchPad- a Chrome application that lets you compose text files and save them to Google Docs.

Once the hacker takes advantage of the vulnerability, it can gain access to a person’s e-mail, contacts, Google Docs, and Voice accounts. In Google’s defense, the security hole was found after months of tedious work, and only one was found.

Google has also been informed about the flaw and it has been closed. While Google’s Chrome OS still remains one of the most secure operating systems, this incident proves that no OS is bullet-proof and it may inspire other hackers to continue to try hacking the Gibson.

One other result came of all this, it heightened Google’s awareness of its lack of invincibility and the company will be careful about releasing extensions for the Chrome platform. All that said, you wonder how popular Chromebooks actually are these days.

Photo Courtesy of zc
Photo Courtesy of martin

  • Nitin Kumarsingh22

    mac is still safe…