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FBI Launches It’s First iPhone App “Child ID”

In the United States of America, there are numerous cases of missing children. A child goes missing in about every 40 seconds in America. FBI has finally come up with a nice solution to solve this problem.

FBI has launched it’s first iPhone application known as Child ID which allows the parents to electronically store the pictures and physical identifiers such as height, weight, colour, etc of their children.

When a child goes missing, the parents can right away send this information via email to the authorities without any delay. The authorities are notified immediately and whoever qualified enough, is provided with all the information to start proceeding with the case.

FBI claims that it does not store any information and can’t even access the information stored in the application, unless the parent themselves forward all this information to them.

The application also provides tips and suggestions on how to keep the children safe, and what actions to take in the early hours of the disappearance of the child.

This application is free and can be downloaded form iTunes. FBI hopes to extend this application so that it can be used in other mobile devices too. Although, kidnapping cannot be prevented by this app, but at least the chances of recovery of the missing children have improved.

Photo Courtesy of iTunes
Photo Courtesy of Cliff