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Free 3D VOD From Samsung Reaches India

Samsung’s 3D Video On Demand service is now available for Indian consumers. The VOD service is already available in South Korea and will allow users to watch 3D video content on their 3DTVs without any additional fees.

Users will only need a couple things to get started. First, they have to download the Explore 3D app from the Samsung TV apps store. The second thing is, obviously, having a 3DTV. Those two things will allow users to enjoy hot content such as movie trailers, music videos, documentaries, you name it!

In an age where consumers are excited to save a buck here and a buck there, the idea of free 3D content is welcoming to anyone’s ears. There are currently about 30 movie trailers, but Samsung plans to increase its content to roughly 100 videos by the end of 2011, and again, this won’t cost a penny to the end user.

No idea how many videos will be added in 2012, but news of this may give Indians just one more reason to splurge on a 3DTV. I wonder if Samsung will unleash 3D gaming in the future as well.

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Photo Courtesy of ashu
Photo Courtesy of lge