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Gmail Finally Introduces Preview Pane For Desktop Computers

With the launch of new applications and services by Google, people have started to switch to Gmail massively. But not many people would find Gmail the way they hoped it to be.

When I switched to Gmail, I didnt find it very impressive and to me, it seemed like an old-fashioned inbox. I was pretty much used to the Preview Pane which Yahoo, Hotmail and almost every other e-mail websites provided.

Gmail has finally launched the Preview Pane for Desktop Computers. It did launch the Preview Pane for iDevices and Android devices. But now, it can be enabled in the Desktop Computer too. Since, most people use desktop computers to view their email, I think Gmail should have enabled the Preview Pane for desktop computers much earlier.

The Preview Pane can be enabled by going in the Gmail labs options and enabling the Radio Button for Inbox Preview. Once you have turned it on, you can adjust the position of the Preview anywhere you want it. This gives you the list of contacts, the inbox and the preview pane all at the same time.

The preview pane can be adjusted below or on the right/left side of the inbox. Now I can read the mails quickly without changing the view or switching the tab.

Photo Courtesy of Tian
Photo Courtesy of Dekuwa

  • dirtycar74

    But using Chrome, why doesn’t the preview pane blank out when a message is no longer selected for displaying?  MAJOR flaw there, folks!