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Intel Rethinks It’s Netbook Strategy

With the introduction of so many gadgets and devices all around the world, now the demand for cheap computers has ended and now people desire for performance and better features in their computers.

Now people are concerned with buying either a low-priced tablet or an extremely good computer. Intel’s netbook was a success due to it’s low price, but now the netbook might not attract so many people as it did before.

A company executive said, “After initial success, Intel’s netbook strategy is at a crossroads as demand for tablets and low-cost laptops with larger screens rises.”

Intel netbook features Intel Atom processor. As many smartphones and tablets have ARM processor, Intel wishes to compete the ARM processor by introducing the Intel Atom chip in their smartphones and tablets. Intel is also trying to make the PCs attractive by introducing the ultra-book which is ultra-thin and has many features of a tablet.

Greg Welch, segment director for mobile client platforms at Intel said, “Whether the form factor is a netbook or a tablet, we don’t know. We’ll take a tablet, put a keyboard on it, it would be a netbook to a certain degree,”

Photo Courtesy of Intel
Photo Courtesy of Uwe