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Microsoft Offers $250K Prize In Hacking Competition

Management at Microsoft are hoping to turn hackers into cyber security for the Digital Media giant. The company is offering hackers $250K to develop new security defenses for the organization.

It’s called the BlueHat Prize and is open to programmers all around the world. First prize is valued at $200,000 and goes to whoever develops the ‘best’ way to prevent cyber attacks. The second and third best strategists will share a $50K prize, and will each be able to develop their own subscription of their software for development.

While $250,000 seems like a lot of money to your average computer geek, it’s just “pennies” to Microsoft in the long-term. By increasing their security, they can save tens of millions of dollars in the future. I mean, just look what happened to Sony recently.

Not only does it help Microsoft’s software, but it also scores points in the hacking community and takes themselves off LulzSec’s radar, at least for the time being. Personally, I think the move is smart, it’s good for the company’s public image, they save a ton of money on vastly improving their security features, and it rewards all those hardcore programmers who haven’t had the time or financial resources to get a degree.

Photo Courtesy of woueb
Photo Courtesy of simeon