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Sony Ericsson Wilhelmina Concept, First Panoramic Phone?

We’ve heard about the PSP phone that lets you enjoy PS1 games on your phone, the Xperia Play, but this new concept by Sony Ericsson is much, much cooler. It’s called the Sony Ericsson Wilhelmina and it is powered by four cores in a clamshell gaming phone factor.

The gorgeous device looks much nicer than the stereotypical PS Vita. It caries two borderless touchscreens and offers a widescreen view for the player.

Since this is just a concept, obviously there is no prototype, but the graphics shown are simply remarkable. The only thing that confuses me a bit are the virtual joysticks. Although I have used a virtual joystick on a touchscreen phone before, it wasn’t as good as a physical joystick- I guess the price you pay for portability.

The panoramic screen phone folds to fit in your pocket. Although we are a year or two from seeing phones like these intro production, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I saw this on the market late next year. The way technology is progressing, we are constantly pushing the envelope with what we can achieve tech-wise.

We are now making hexa-core processors, quad-core mobile processors, and graphics cards with 3GB of video RAM. We might be going a bit crazy over our advancement of technology, but damn is it cool.

Photo Courtesy of techiser
Photo Courtesy of techiser