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Sony Modifies Android Honeycomb For Its S-Tablets

Although many Android fans will attest that the mobile operating system is perfect in its true form, there are still companies and organizations who think it could be made better, and Sony is among them.

Now, before you picture any major changes, stop. Sony won’t be making any ‘deep’ system changes, but more of the cosmetic type. The launcher, for example, is only slightly changed with added functionality that lets you access the network settings much easier.

Sony has also cooked up a few of its own apps such as its media streaming app, Chumby, Zinio reader, and a default music player. Speaking more about its user interface is the new virtual keyboard.

Sony has created a keyboard that seems much easier to type, and even includes a numeric keypad on the right of it. The letter keys are colored white, with the SHIFT, TAB, RETURN, and DELETE keys in gray. A nice color contrast for those typing in the dark.

For now, the only video we have is the teaser trailer below. But hold off on any tablet purchases for now, this one looks by-far the prettiest Honeycomb tablet I have seen yet and has even gotten me to forget about the Eee Pad Transformer, at least for now.

Photo Courtesy of androidandme
Photo Courtesy of androidandme

  • everybody should modify it, i can’t find why somebody can’t, it’s open source.

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