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Texas Instruments Will Deliver All-Day Battery In 2013

Texas Instruments has just made a very bold statement. The company claims that by the year 2013, we will have batteries that will last an entire day with regular use. Of course, what you do on your phone or tablet will make a difference.

Playing a mobile game for 12 hours will be quite different than watching HD video for that same time frame. But either way, it will be extremely useful to those who tend to forget their chargers at home, or at work.

Brian Carlson from Texas Instruments claim that the 2013 successor would be the evolved version of the OMAP 5 chip and will go through a 20nm manufacturing process.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that some places such as Iceland only get 4 hours of night time per day during certain periods of the year. So if you’re in Iceland, “all-day computing” is actually 20 hours, not your usual 12.

Whether Texas Instruments will change their phrasing or work harder to deliver a 24 hour battery will determine what happens with that.

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Photo Courtesy of deltamike
Photo Courtesy of automatic