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New G+ Invite Sharing System: 150 Invites Per Person

Google+ invites used to be extremely rare, and even Google themselves pulled the plug on the invite system a couple times, claiming that they were overwhelmed with people wanting to join the new social network.

I remember anxiously awaiting myself, and quickly joining to see what it was all about once my boss sent me an invite. Fortunately, any Google+ user can invite some of their friends, but it’s about to get even easier.

Google will let users share a link with another person that will let them immediately join, without the Google+ member manually inviting them by registering their friends’ e-mails.

Google’s new invitation link will give Google+ members the opportunity to invite as many as 150 people to the newest social network, an exciting moment for those looking to see what its all about.

Personally, I haven’t really spent much time on Google+, even though I use Google Docs and Gmail on a regular basis. To me, G+ is kind of dead, and there doesn’t seem like much to do except start or join a Hangout (video conference supporting up to ten people).

Maybe the introduction of some new in-house apps or games will keep people hooked, but until then, I don’t think Facebook is going anywhere.

Photo Courtesy of manfrys
Photo Courtesy of matt