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HTC Has Just Acquired Dashwire For ‘Cloud Safety’

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has just purchased Dashwire, a Seattle-based company. If you haven’t heard of Dashwire before, they are famous for creating a platform that allows users to back up their important data on their phones to a cloud-based system.

Dashwire is going to become a subsidiary of HTC and the company popular for their smartphones, plans on integrating Dashwire’s technology into its own HTCSense.com cloud services.

What does this mean for HTCSense users? They will soon have access to functions such as accessing their phones contacts, text messages, calendar entries, call log, photos, videos and voicemail messages– without needing to check their phone, they can simply access using their computer.

While we are still waiting for an exact date for the paperwork to be finalized, this is sure to be exciting news for HTC users. Hopefully other mobile companies will focus on adding extra nifty services like these instead of adding excess software and unnecessary software changes to current mobile devices.

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Photo Courtesy of johnk
Photo Courtesy of trans